a picture of Fred and Olga Lemminga

Deze pagina is er ook in het Nederlands

Hi, we are Olga and Fred Lemminga, and we live in Ursem in Westfriesland in The Netherlands since 1973. I first want to tell you where in Europe exactly The Netherlands is situated. It is the small orange colored country West of Germany. In The Netherlands we live in the North Western province called Noordholland. In the lower middle of the map you see Amsterdam (well known eh?). Between Alkmaar and Hoorn you can find Ursem (orange underlined). Ursem is a small village at the border of the Schermer polder (reclaimed land).
I worked for the ING Group in the buying dept ; Olga worked for the community of Bergen.

On this page we will tell you something about our region and hobby's.